Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Got the latest August issue of Sewing World yet?  If you have, turn to page 36 and you will see my latest project.  This is a very useful beach dress with an elastic ruched top that doubles as a skirt.  Simply put your swimsuit or bikini on and pull on the garment; once on the beach remove it and you are just wearing your bathing costume...brilliant!  Of course after you have had your swim you have to somehow get the wet garment off and then put the dress back on again without anybody actually seeing you nude...better choose a nudist beach I think or buy a tent.

I've got the dress back now and being of the busty type I decided to add straps to it to save my blushes.  It will slide down and bare my assets I know, and I prefer wearing a bra anyway.  If you also want to do this then you need to save a bit of the fabric and cut two strips from it each about 20" long and 2" wide.  Or if you are of the metric persuasion about 51cm long and 5cm wide.  Right sides together and fold in half lengthway, then stitch and turn to right side.  Press firmly.  Put on the bra you intend to wear with the garment and try the straps on, pinning them in place.  When you take it off again you will be able to cut off some of the excess unless you are very tall (like about 7" and I don't know the metric for that) and tuck under about 5/8" (1.5cm) each end.  Stitch and press, your dress now has straps.

Why not dress it up a bit more with some beads and sequins?  I often get mine from www.josyrose.com and they have loads of other goodies too so you ought to be the belle of the beach.

I know, I know you are wondering where on earth that bag pattern has got to.  I cut it out and ironed on the pieces...then found another similar bag I started last year!  So expect not one but TWO bag patterns as soon as my deadlines pass and I can on with something else besides work.  Also expect news about my shiny new camera.

Monday, 16 July 2012

I'm still working on the bag pattern and will be bringing it to you shortly; deadlines to meet first!  Meanwhile if you have the latest Popular Crafts (August/September 2012) turn to page 21 for a summery project.  This is beach jewellery made by using a glue gun and some colored and glitter cartridges.  Fast and easy to make, it is the sort of jewellery that goes where other pricier pieces fear to tread ie the beach.  Made to go with a beach dress I made for Sewing World it is fancy enough for you to take your pick where you eat your lunch or dinner...provided you wash all that sand off first!

Glue guns, cartridges and more available from http://craft.antex.co.uk