Sunday, 29 April 2018

Apple Blossom Time

It might almost be apple blossom time and there is blossom on some trees but it is also pretty cold here in Devon.  Alexa told me that it was only 47ยบ which is low for the end of April.  The sun might not be shining but indoors it is always crafting time and here is my latest kit to put you in the mood for some better weather:

This comes with a full complement of items to make it up into a four layered paper tole creations plus a matching envelope, tag, seals and other items.  You can buy it here

I made it up like this but you don't have to.  Here are two other options to get you started.  First up is this:

To make this you need this kit plus a blank white 5" x 7" card and some lime green card or paper.

I) Cut a 2" x 7" wide piece of lime card and stick it to the right side of the card.  On top mat a piece of the patterned paper 1¼" x 7" and attach a suitable label at the top.

II) On the left side cut out three lime squares each 2" x 2".  On top mat slightly smaller cutouts from the relevant patterned squares.

III) On top of the middle square attach a cutout piece of blossom.  You could use foam squares to raise it up or just leave it flat for a card you can mail.

It won't fit the envelope but you could always make your own.

Or you could make a card like this:

For this you need a white card blank 5" x 5" and the lime card again.  You would have some left over if you made the earlier one and I just like the color!

I) Print out another envelope and cut off the back part, then attach it to the card front.  Then cut out a 4½" square and cut out a 3¼" square from the center.  Attach as shown.

II) Cut out a 4¼" square of the patterned paper and cut out a square 3½" from the center.  Mat on top of the lime shape.

III)  Cut out four envelope seals and place at the corners.  In the center attach the blossom second layer without the shaped frame.  Place a greeting at the top.

This card will fit the envelope!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring Has Not Sprung

It is past the middle of March and here in the UK we are having some of the coldest, snowiest most unseasonal weather ever.  As I type this it is snowing as it has been all day and most of yesterday too.  Looking out of the window I can see this view:

Some people might dream of a white Christmas (I am not among them) but nobody dreams of a white Easter!  Better batten down the hatches and get down to some serious crafting. 

I forgot to post the link for the chalked background project in my last post Poppies Iris Folding Card.  You can buy it here   Also new is this Spring Cottage Window Card, the first in a new series which looks like this when made up:

It is not obvious from this rather flat-looking image but the front has a round aperture and the cottage view is inside.  You can get this here

Next up is the Easter Bunny Pop-Up Box Card. 

You can get this here

So even if you are gazing at snow out of the window at least you can make something to put you in a spring mood.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Talk About Chalk

I've posted quite a few iris folding patterns up on Craftsuprint and they are probably my best selling range.  Fun to make and a wonderful way of using up all sort of oddments they must be the ultimate green cards.  Usually they have plain backgrounds (ie whatever color card you have chosen) but this is a bit boring.  How about some backgrounds?  

There are a great many ways of doing these of course.  You could paint (or crayon, or pencil) one, stick dow some patterned paper, use patterned card...or use chalks.

You can buy sets of chalks inexpensively from many places and they come in sets and remind me of eyeshadow palettes.  Here is one:

A basic set similar to mine.  You can also buy sparkly ones and I keep meaning to do so!

You will also need some cotton wool to apply the chalk.  I usually tear up one of those flat round pads and use a third per color.  

Now you need a blank white greetings card (this one is 7" x 5") preferably non-glossy and some templates.  If you buy one of my Poppies Iris Folding Card sheets you will get four.  Two clouds, a treeline and a line of grass.  Trace around them, transfer the tracings to card and you have your templates.  If you want to use them lots of times you could make the templates from one of those thin plastic sheets used for glass painting.

Fold the card in half and work with it landscape style.  Chalk up a piece of cotton wool with pale blue chalk and lay down the two clouds.  Apply chalk around them until your card looks like this:

Note that you haven't chalked all the way down, just over halfway.  Now lay down your treeline template and apply some mid green chalk to another piece of cotton wool.  Rub chalk onto the trees until you reach just where they stop, then apply lighter green chalk below this, and finally yellow chalk below that.

Finally lay down your grass template at the bottom of the page and apply some darker green chalk for the grass.  The finished background now looks like this:

Ta da!  Now you have your field where poppies are going to grow.  Or any of my other floral patterns.  The chalk is (as far as I know) environmentally friendly and you are using up oddments for the iris folding, so behold one green card.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

All That Glitters...

...Would be better if it was actually gold, rather than glitter.  Gold after all is a natural product that comes out of the ground, whereas glitter is made of plastic.  Anybody who has been reading the news and watching BBC's seminal Blue Planet II series will be aware that there is too much plastic in the world today, and that plastic glitter is particularly nasty stuff.  Why?  Because most plastic items have to actually fall to pieces first before they turn into those pernicious "nurdles" or mermaid's tears that are finding their way into the food chain, whereas glitter is there already.  I'm not against plastic as such, just our abuse of this useful material and we don't need glitter really, do we?

As crafters we mostly love the stuff, and children love it as well.  Some nurseries have already banned it but if you are looking at that matte Christmas card and thinking it looks bare help is at hand in the shape of BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it with this substance as it is not plastic and does not harm the environment.  If you live in the UK you can buy it here and it is not just for cards.  Release your inner fairy (or unicorn) and adorn yourself with it, great for Christmas parties and festivals.  It is also the sort if think you can use if you make melt-and-pour soap like I do.  These people really care about our planet and are supporting Plastic Oceans website which you can check out with this link.  They even got a letter from David Attenborough thanking them for their support! 

Now we can sparkle with a clean, plastic free conscience.

If you want some ideas as to where to put this glitter I have just made available some new Christmas card designs.  These all fold pancake flat for cheaper mailing and are mostly letter rate (the fan is larger).  Journey To Bethlehem with O Little Town:

Or travel with We Three Kings:

Feeling hot?  How about a Poinsettia Fan Card:

There are plenty more, and think of all the opportunities for a spot of eco-friendly glittering!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Christmas Rose Iris Folded Card

Earlier this year I posted a review of a wonderful book about making paper mosaics.  This is certainly one way of using up old cards and papers, but another one is surely iris folding.  I have just posted up another pattern entitled Christmas Rose Iris Folded Card and you can buy it here and this is a picture of what it can look like:

The pattern comes with a leaf, bud and a couple of petals for arranging on your card or memory album page however you want, this is one possible arrangement on a 5" x 7" card.  The tiny dots are whatever type of sprinkles you favor for the centre. 

This is a very detailed pattern which is best made with single strips of card or paper without a fold or it will never lie flat.  First cut out the outline and attach your pattern, then arrange your strips in rows going from teh outside to the center.  I think this is best attempted by those already au fait with less fiddly iris folding, but it is ideal for using up old cards, wrapping paper, leaflets, catalogs etc.  Or leftover bits of acid free paper if you want to put it on an album page.  When glue is dry trim around the outside and start arranging with the leaves and petals.  You can use this as a Christmas rose or for any time of the year in the colors of your choice.

I am trying to find lots of ways of using up those old cards now they cannot be recycled.  I plan to post some ideas here so watch this space!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Boxing Clever

Last week a wit posted an observation in an email that at midnight on August Bank Holiday Monday the staff of supermarkets grab all the summer stuff and dump it in the nearest skip.  Then they rush back in, put up the decorations and blow the dust off Now That's What I Call Christmas and gleefully put it on.  I went into my local Lloyds Chemists on 1 September and there was a cardboard stand packed with Christmas giftware.  Admittedly most of it was from last year (and some I think from the year before) but at least half I had not seen before so this does prove that it gets earlier every year.

With this in mind and knowing too how many people have a lot of people to send to here is a popup Christmas card, the first in a new series of baskets.  They will not all be Christmas themed but some will and here is Christmas Poinsettias Basket Card:

Festive, isn't it?  All packed onto one sheet and easy to assemble.  Just cut it out, fold the base into a box shape and put some paper glue on the tab.  Then slot the handle part in the back tab and the other insert in the front tab and you have a card.  Also included is a label with Made By:... to stick on the plain back, a gift tag and an envelope seal with Merry Christmas to dress up a plain envelope.  No, there sadly it not an envelope with this as it would be more than one sheet and not cost a mere 70p.  You can buy it here

Here is another one called White Christmas Basket Card:

Find this here

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Boxing Clever

I am not a fan of getting ready for Christmas too early.  Summer is all too short here in the UK and I prefer to enjoy it without looking at images of snow and ice.  I do realize that some people have a huge amount of stuff to make and some of this has to be sent overseas so I have made a start designing.  Here is the first entry in my new series of boxes shaped like buildings:

You can buy this here  It is simple to make up; cut out and score along all the dotted lines then fold them inwards and apply glue on the tabs.  This means both side of the roof if it is going to be a card, and only the side where the tabbed side does not rest for a box.  If it is a card you can also lose the foldover tab and the tabs along the bottom.  But wait, there is something missing!

It is a base.  Sorry folks but if this is all going on one sheet with a lower price tag there is no room.  But don’t worry, all you have to do to construct one is rule a rectangle 6cm x 7.2cm and attach it to the bottom.  Actually you don’t even have to do that as here is one:

Or a whole sheet of six of them:

This is for those of you who want more than one to use as favor boxes.  They look great beside a plate and can contain a small gift or some sweets.  If you want a whole village of buildings when the other boxes appear (there is a sweet shop coming up next) you could use them for this.  They would look good standing under the Christmas tree (full of goodies of course).