Sunday, 29 April 2018

Apple Blossom Time

It might almost be apple blossom time and there is blossom on some trees but it is also pretty cold here in Devon.  Alexa told me that it was only 47º which is low for the end of April.  The sun might not be shining but indoors it is always crafting time and here is my latest kit to put you in the mood for some better weather:

This comes with a full complement of items to make it up into a four layered paper tole creations plus a matching envelope, tag, seals and other items.  You can buy it here

I made it up like this but you don't have to.  Here are two other options to get you started.  First up is this:

To make this you need this kit plus a blank white 5" x 7" card and some lime green card or paper.

I) Cut a 2" x 7" wide piece of lime card and stick it to the right side of the card.  On top mat a piece of the patterned paper 1¼" x 7" and attach a suitable label at the top.

II) On the left side cut out three lime squares each 2" x 2".  On top mat slightly smaller cutouts from the relevant patterned squares.

III) On top of the middle square attach a cutout piece of blossom.  You could use foam squares to raise it up or just leave it flat for a card you can mail.

It won't fit the envelope but you could always make your own.

Or you could make a card like this:

For this you need a white card blank 5" x 5" and the lime card again.  You would have some left over if you made the earlier one and I just like the color!

I) Print out another envelope and cut off the back part, then attach it to the card front.  Then cut out a 4½" square and cut out a 3¼" square from the center.  Attach as shown.

II) Cut out a 4¼" square of the patterned paper and cut out a square 3½" from the center.  Mat on top of the lime shape.

III)  Cut out four envelope seals and place at the corners.  In the center attach the blossom second layer without the shaped frame.  Place a greeting at the top.

This card will fit the envelope!

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