Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hello fellow crafters! I've been meaning to do this for ages now and have finally got around to it. This is going to be the place to come for free projects and downloads, plus news about what I am currently up to both in the craft world and out of it. Those of you who buy Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts or any of the magazines my work appears in might have seen the type of project before that I am going to post first as I do so love making them. Although we don't seem to be getting a summer down here in darkest Devon this year (nor have done since 2007) I do still need a new white bag so am making one. This is a simple 14" x 9" shoulder bag with a gusset and a top that flops over with an applique picture on it. As birds are in right now, and flowers always look great for summer this picture is going to feature both in white and gold fabric, plus some beads and sequins for accent and extra sparkle. This is either to make the bag look brighter, or maybe to cheer me up with its shiny happy appearance when the sun fails to shine. Watch this space for a pattern and instructions soon!

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