Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Operation Pancake - How To Make A Flat Card

When the Royal Mail decided to make it somewhat pricey to send a card over A5 in size and over 5mm think it rather put the kibosh on making your own cards if you have to mail them.  I used to do a lot of paper tole but now have to find other, flatter ways of making a card look interesting.  This time last year 2nd class mail was 36p; now it is 50p and I am sure more people than me are slimming down their card lists, especially if, like me, they have to mail out all their cards.

Hence Operation Pancake - let's find as many ways as possible to make interesting and attractive flat cards!

A rummage in my closet looking for something else yielded up a large bag of aida fabric - how about a spot of cross stitch?  Those who have read my profile will know that I design card making kits for printing out up on Craftsuprint and some of these are cross stitch.  To whet your appetite here is one I have designed for this blog:
Here is the key and list of flosses you need:
For more in this vein, and more yet to come watch this space.  Or you could go over to the Craftsuprint site for some more...

Either way, a flat card or at least one that is going to be less than 5mm thick.

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