Thursday, 5 October 2017

Christmas Rose Iris Folded Card

Earlier this year I posted a review of a wonderful book about making paper mosaics.  This is certainly one way of using up old cards and papers, but another one is surely iris folding.  I have just posted up another pattern entitled Christmas Rose Iris Folded Card and you can buy it here and this is a picture of what it can look like:

The pattern comes with a leaf, bud and a couple of petals for arranging on your card or memory album page however you want, this is one possible arrangement on a 5" x 7" card.  The tiny dots are whatever type of sprinkles you favor for the centre. 

This is a very detailed pattern which is best made with single strips of card or paper without a fold or it will never lie flat.  First cut out the outline and attach your pattern, then arrange your strips in rows going from teh outside to the center.  I think this is best attempted by those already au fait with less fiddly iris folding, but it is ideal for using up old cards, wrapping paper, leaflets, catalogs etc.  Or leftover bits of acid free paper if you want to put it on an album page.  When glue is dry trim around the outside and start arranging with the leaves and petals.  You can use this as a Christmas rose or for any time of the year in the colors of your choice.

I am trying to find lots of ways of using up those old cards now they cannot be recycled.  I plan to post some ideas here so watch this space!

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