Thursday, 25 October 2012

Make & Craft - New Magazine On The Block

There's a brand new craft magazine out called Make and Craft, starting this month.  You can find out all about it by clicking here.  It is a multi craft publication available both as a print copy and online and there are also many free projects you can look at to whet your appetite.  It comes out every month, and also contains a section with projects for the junior crafter which is always a good thing.  I spent many happy hours crafting as a child, making a mess but at least I was quiet while I did it!

One project I have submitted can be found on page 48 entitled In The Bag.  Using that pleasantly squidgy craft foam (Anita's, CraftTime etc) you can make some cute gift bags that double as a seasonal bag for the little girl in your life.  They weigh nothing unlike this crafter, and thus can be hung from even a modest sized Christmas tree with a gift inside it - not a heavy one of course.  Also a good way of transporting gifts and lasts far longer than a plastic bag.  You recycle it by using it many times.

I had to submit two designs but was stuck between a robin and a Christmas pudding.  The robin won as it was more colorful, but here is the pudding which is surely great for an edible gift.  
Here are the templates in black and white.  First the icing (cut one in white):
Now the large holly leaf (cut two in green):

Now the small holly leaf (cut another two in green):

Lastly the berry which doubles as a raisin.  You need three in red for berries, and as many as you like for the raisins studding the pudding in black foam:
You will also need a front and a back both in brown, and a handle in white.  You can find patterns for these and instructions on how to put it all together in the magazine, issue 1 October 2012.

You could also do a pumpkin in orange foam with black features but you can draw that for yourself...

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