Friday, 2 November 2012

Christmas Cute Critters - Get that Christmassy Feeling

There is nothing quite like curling up on the sofa in front of the TV on a dark late autumn evening and making something for Christmas.  If you go over to Mad Cow Beads and scroll down you will see a small picture of the Christmas Festive Seed Bead Kits - pack of 7 weenies!

If you remember a short while ago I posted up links to the same site for the Halloweenies then this is another larger kit of these beaded figures to make up.  I will introduce the cast to you.  First up alphabetically there is Angela The Angel looking innocent and lovely in white and gold:
Next if you fancy something a tad more pagan there is Holly the Christmas Fairy:
Next up there is O Christmas Tree:
And it wouldn't be Christmas without that garden favorite (recently voted #1 most popular British bird) good old Round Robin:
Ho ho ho here comes Santa, who gets given the sack every time he turns up for work:
And his best buddy Snowbody, who seems to have appropriated Wanda The Witch's broom:
And last but by no means least, let's do some stocking up:
All these make great decorations to hang on the upper branches of your tree.  However big a Christmas tree is the very topmost branches always lend themselves to small and light ornaments, but trying to get these in a store is not easy.  Christmas trees seem to get bigger every year and many baubles look more like footballs!  These are just the right size and very light for hanging on those fragile wee branches.  Or hanging up on a swag decorating a wall, or on a wreath, or how about adorning the fronts of crackers?  Each person then has a wee gift to take home even if they just get a plastic eye patch or pair of tweezers that don't work...

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