Saturday, 25 April 2015

Racing Car Card

Here's another potential Fathers Day or birthday card for the petrolhead in your life.  Petrolhead of either sex I hasten to add.  You can personalize the card by using a local map and clay in the recipient's favorite color of the color of their car.  It also does not have read DAD of course.

Shopping List:
Basic card kit plus
White card blank 14cm x 18cm (5” x 7”)
Polymer clay in red, black and white
Scraps of white card
Silver peel-off lettering
Computer program with Acklin font or similar
Foil tray


 1.Cover front of card with map.  Cut out eight exhaust shapes using the leftover white card.

2. Roll out polymer clay to a thickness of about 2mm and lay the relevent templates on top; cut around using a craft knife or clay tools.  Lay car body onto a foil tray and assemble.  Bake as to manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Choose a chunky masculine font like Acklin (available in Word) and print out the word Dad in letters about 4.5cm (1¾“) high and transfer to red card using a fine embossing tool.  Cut out and stick in bottom right hand corner of card.

4. Stick peeloff letters reading Happy in top left hand of card and glue car onto bottom left hand area.  Postion and stick down the exhaust shapes to look as if they are billowing across the card and write Birthday in black letters, one in each.


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  1. It's always good to find a card for men and yours is super!