Friday, 24 July 2015

Fun With A Bun

That's it, fun with a bun.  Not the sort you find in a bakery and eat, but the sort you wear on your head and a pretty band to go around it once it is up.  This helps stop the pins falling out and breaking the vacuum cleaner, and also finishes if off nicely.  Updos are really in right now, and so are leathercrafts.  The beads are made from leather offcuts, and the bun ring is made from old stockings and tights.  Yes I know you can buy them in shops, but if you make your own you can choose the color to go with your hair instead of being limited by the usually three colors they are sold in.  This one is a reddish shade and matches my own hair.

How do you make these items?  You need to get the latest issue of Bead Me magazine, available at the iTunes store here.  There are lots of other projects to make as well as this, which also includes instructions on actually putting up the bun once you have made the ring. Sometimes it is not only easy being green, but fun too...

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