Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Big Butterfly Count

Have you signed up for the Big Butterfly Count yet?  If you live in the UK Butterfly Conservation wants you to log how many butterflies you see every day between 17 July and 9 August.  You don't have to have a garden to do so, you can see them out and about anywhere where you live.  Sign up here, it is not too late.

Here is one you are bound to see at some point (I hope):

Yes, it is a Small Tortoiseshell.  This one is on a buddleia growing in my garden that I didn't even have to plant, they are that profusive and now a wild plant although not a native of the British Isles.  If you don't have one and want one you can find out more about them at The Urban Butterfly Garden website here and get sent to the Thompson and Morgan website.  Be warned, most of them grow rather large but you can get dwarf ones now so there is something for everybody, including a patio or balcony.

A comma, not seen by me for several years now.  They are on the wing from spring until autumn and again, consult that useful website to find out more about them and what to grow to attract them here  Guess what, they also love buddleias!

A pearl bordered fritillary, more of a woodland specialist so not actually seen in my garden.  Adults seem to love brambles and various other woodland plants like bluebells and the caterpillars enjoy munching various violets.  One attribute is they are one of the very few butterflies to obligingly open out flat when resting so are very easy to photograph!  Find out more here

Now sign up, do your bit for conservation and see what you can spot in your area!

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