Friday, 12 February 2016

Pop-Up Cards - Easter Violets

I have been adding some new pop-up card kits to Craftuprint, all of which can be seen (and bought) along with my other kits, sheets and cross stitch patterns here   These all come with instructions and in most cases are simple enough to make up, but my latest fan card is a wee bit more complicated (just a wee bit).  The kit has a sheet of instructions and staged photos but the latter are not enormous so here are some larger versions along with the instructions and a few tips.

Instructions For Pop-Up Fan Cards
 I)         Print onto card and cut everything out.  Score along all the fold lines with a knife or bone folder and bend backwards.  (Fig i)

 I)         Bend the tab back behind the fan and glue the base to it so the plain side of the base is facing upwards.  Bend back the tab on the bottom of the slider and stick it centrally on the base so the tab is flush with the fan. (Fig ii)  Also make up the three supports into box shapes as shown.

 I)      Stick the relevant supports to the reverse of the shapes.  The shortest one to the smallest, the middle one to the medium sized one and the wide one to the top of the largest one.  (Fig iii)

 I)              Apply glue (or double sided tape) to the two areas shown in red on the largest shape’s support.  Attach to the fan sticking over the slider tab and resting the bottom of the large shape on the base.  Apply glue all over the middle shape’s support tab back and bottom and glue to the base and the large shape.  Do the same with the small tab.  Your finished card look like this when standing up (Fig iv)

 I)           It should fold flat for mailing and look like this with the base image on top (Fig v)

 This fifth photo is missing from the instructions as there wasn't room for it.  Watch this space for more pop-up card kits of different types.

Here too are some photos of my other new kits.


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