Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Put Up A Bun

No, not that sort of bun although I certainly ate quite a few hot cross ones over Easter, consoling myself indoors while outside the storm raged.  That is my excuse anyhow!  This is the other sort, the type you wear on your head and as I have an article coming out any day now in The Bead Magazine featuring decorative hair grips, bun pins and a tiara then here are some instructions on how to put up a bun.

If you look back a few posts you can find one called Fun With A Bun which links to an article about making your own bun ring.  This post shows you how to use it, or a store bought one.

First you need these items:

·        Bun ring
·        Bun pins or hairgrips
·        Covered rubber band
·        Bun net (optional)

Put your hair into a ponytail using the covered rubber band, and position it until it is on top of your head in the centre.

Thread on the bun ring like a bead, and arrange the hair evenly all around it.

Start to tuck the hair in underneath the ring; the end of a tail comb is often helpful with this.  Push in the pins as you go along until all the hair is underneath.  Finish with a net if desired.
Ta-da!  One bun, complete with tiara although not the one in this issue.  Terrible photos I know, but I didn't take them.  

Bun rings, nets, pins and all the other items you need can be obtained here from Claires.

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