Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Going WILD!

It is THAT time of year again - time for 30 Days Wild!  If you don't know what this is all about you can find out here and maybe take part in it yourself.  After two gloriously hot and sunny days over the weekend the first day of the challenge dawned dark, dull and damp.  But nature still goes on out there, and so I have gone forth in a bid to make my garden a greener place.  Here is my latest acquisition, a bug hotel:

You can pay silly prices for these but this was well under a tenner from Lidl.  Home Bargains has them too if you live near one of their larger stores (my local one did not have them).  They do stock a fair range of very cheap bird food and other things for feeding and generally pleasing wildlife.  Find out where your nearest store is here and check out their mail order range which includes bird food etc filed under Pets.

Two of my other new purchases from Home Bargains can be seen hanging in my garden:

Feeders for peanuts and fat balls, already marked by beaks!  These are good quality metal feeders; the plastic ones don't weather well and if you have squirrels they will tear them to pieces.  In the distance you can see a third feeder, this time filled with nesting materials:

I don't own any furry pets but do own a tumble dryer.  This is the fluff from my mostly cotton garments and household items made available to birds for nesting material.

It will be interesting to watch and record over the month who visits and what happens!  As Green Thoughts is a craft related site as well as about green issues I will also be posting up some crafty ideas.

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