Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring Has Not Sprung

It is past the middle of March and here in the UK we are having some of the coldest, snowiest most unseasonal weather ever.  As I type this it is snowing as it has been all day and most of yesterday too.  Looking out of the window I can see this view:

Some people might dream of a white Christmas (I am not among them) but nobody dreams of a white Easter!  Better batten down the hatches and get down to some serious crafting. 

I forgot to post the link for the chalked background project in my last post Poppies Iris Folding Card.  You can buy it here   Also new is this Spring Cottage Window Card, the first in a new series which looks like this when made up:

It is not obvious from this rather flat-looking image but the front has a round aperture and the cottage view is inside.  You can get this here

Next up is the Easter Bunny Pop-Up Box Card. 

You can get this here

So even if you are gazing at snow out of the window at least you can make something to put you in a spring mood.

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