Monday, 1 June 2015

It's Partee Time!

No, I haven't stopped being able to spell.  This is a rather feeble pun on the word "tee" as this is the third in the series of sporty cards aimed at Fathers Day, and also aimed at recycling bits of your craft stash.  In this case you can use up oddments of card, or even colored envelopes to make a card for the golfing Dad, or golfing afficionado of either sex you want to send a greeting to. 

Amass the following items:

Shopping List:
Basic card kit plus:

White card blank 5” x 7”
Pale blue card or paper to cover the front
Scraps of gray, white, green and gold card
Adhesive stones from Papermania Docrafts
Computer program with Acklin font or similar
Permanent marker pens in red, blue and green

Instructions For Golf Card:

  1. Cut a piece of white card 10" x 7" and score down the middle.  Cover front of card with pale blue card.  Cut out from templates a gray golf club, white tee and ball and gold crown.

 A template for the gold crown:

A template for the gray golf club:

Finally a template for the white golf tee:

2)  Cut a strip of green card 14cm (5”) across and draw zig zag lines up and down to resemble grass.  Cut out and assemble all these on the card as shown.

3. Stick adhesive stones onto the crown, and add smaller ones onto the points.  

4. Choose a chunky masculine font like Acklin (available in Word) and print out the words “It’s Par tee Time!” about 5/8” high.  Transfer to the card using a fine embossing tool and ink in with a black pen all but the letters “tee”.

Here is the printout being transferred.  You will be able to see the indentations if you press hard, or use some carbon paper.

Coloring in the letters with permanent markers on the gold flash.  You could use a paler flash made of non shiny paper or card if you want to use ordinary waterbased felt tip pens.

All done anyway and just the football card to go. 



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