Tuesday, 2 June 2015


It is Day Two of the 30 Days Wild challenge.  Again I did the longer walk and instantly spotted a pretty flowering plant growing on the beach and elsewhere.  Here it is:

Back at my keyboard I looked it up and discovered it was a type of Lavatera, the mallow family.  I am not sure which one as it frankly did not exactly resemble any of the photos, but it is happy growing right on the edge of the beach amongst the pebbles.  You can also find it growing out of walls, up on the cliffs and all over so I imagine it is a garden escape as it did not look that much like the wild Marsh Mallow despite its penchant for growing in salty places.  I can't discover either whether it is popular with pollinators, but it is widely available if anybody wants to grow one and has lovely leaves.

I snapped a couple of other pictures and could only see garden escapes, so I will have to look elsewhere for something truly wild.  In the meantime it is still wet and very windy but at least I have learned something today.

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